2011 One Show College Competition Winners

Entry ID Category Client Entry Title School City Award Type Annual ID
191501A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestNY FEEDS NYArt Center College of DesignPasadenaGold11001C
181301A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity Harvest"The Cost of Feeding NYC's Hungry" CampaignVirginia Commonwealth UniversityRichmondSilver11002C
45401A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestThe Brown Bag ProjectColumbus College of Art & DesignColumbusBronze11003C
203001B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestMouth Donation BoxesSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkGold11004C
203601B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestMaze Tray LinerSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkSilver11005C
139801B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestHunger-Free ShippingMiami Ad School BrooklynSan FrancsicoBronze11006C
215701B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestLive FeedSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkBronze11007C
216601C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City HarvestCity Harvest USPS "Food Stamps"School of Visual ArtsNew YorkSilver11008C
63701C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City HarvestPartnersBrigham Young UniversityProvoBronze11009C
128001D: Print CampaignCity HarvestCity Harvest AdsTyler School of Art/ Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaSilver11010C
85901D: Print CampaignCity HarvestFeed New YorkCalifornia State UniversityLong BeachBronze11011C
203301D: Print CampaignCity HarvestRefrigerator ShadowsSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkBronze11012C
215802A: Online Ad (Single)City HarvestLive FeedSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkGold11013C
129002A: Online Ad (Single)City HarvestA Table for GoodMiami Ad SchoolBrooklynSilver11014C
137502A: Online Ad (Single)City HarvestHunger-Free ShippingMiami Ad School BrooklynSan FrancsicoBronze11015C
80902B: Online Ad (Campaign)City HarvestTable HungerMiami Ad SchoolStockholmSilver11016C
150502B: Online Ad (Campaign)City HarvestFeed with your feedBerghs School of CommunicationStockholmBronze11017C
215602C: WebsiteCity HarvestLive FeedSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkSilver11018C
210603A: Logo DesignCity HarvestEmpire State Corn LOGOSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkSilver11019C
61203A: Logo DesignCity HarvestLogoTyler School of Art/ Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaBronze11020C
65403B: Corporate Identity CampaignCity HarvestImplementation of City HarvestBerghs School of CommunicationStockholmSilver11021C
121103B: Corporate Identity CampaignCity HarvestConnecting New Yorker'sAlberta College of Art and DesignCalgaryBronze11022C
65603B: Corporate Identity CampaignCity HarvestCity Harvest Identity SystemBerghs School of CommunicationStockholmBronze11023C
203103C: Package DesignCity HarvestMouth Donation BoxesSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkGold11024C
59103C: Package DesignCity HarvestThe New York Home Farm GrowathonLondon College of CommunicationLondonSilver11025C
177701A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestEveryone should poop.Art Center College of DesignPasadenaMerit11026C
96401A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestRescuerantBerghs School of CommunicationStockholmMerit11027C
121401A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestGive a biteBerghs School of CommunicationStockholmMerit11028C
135201A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestProject LeftoversBerghs School of CommunicationStockholmMerit11029C
80401A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestNo Access CampaignThe Book ShopLos AngelesMerit11030C
86001A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestThe UnNatural DisasterCalifornia State UniversityLong BeachMerit11031C
81201A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestThe Sound of HungerMiami Ad SchoolMiamiMerit11032C
193101A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestCity Harvest Gears in MotionNew York City TechBrooklynMerit11033C
118301A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestEmpty Integrated CampaignSavannah College of Art and DesignSavannahMerit11034C
204901A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestEmptinessSavannah College of Art and DesignSavannahMerit11035C
212101A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestLuxury INTEGRATEDSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11036C
212401A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestGenerocitySchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11037C
212701A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestSlice Hunger INTEGRATEDSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11038C
215401A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestMeal Clock INTEGRATEDSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11039C
49901A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestUse the UnusedThe Book ShopLos AngelesMerit11040C
23601A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestWould You RatherThe Creative CircusAtlantaMerit11041C
88001A: Integrated Branding CampaignCity HarvestFighting Hunger Pound for PoundUniversity of North TexasDentonMerit11042C
156501B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestFood TrashbagsArt Center College of DesignPasadenaMerit11043C
177601B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestRescue NY from HungerArt Center College of DesignPasadenaMerit11044C
107001B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestOne Line DeliversBerghs School of CommunicationStockholmMerit11045C
132301B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City Harvest30 Seconds for HungerBerghs School of CommunicationStockholmMerit11046C
149201B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestFeed with your feedBerghs School of CommunicationStockholmMerit11047C
37801B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestLetters made of foodFondazione Accademia di ComunicazioneMilanMerit11048C
67401B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestThe Receipt ProjectMiami Ad SchoolBrooklynMerit11049C
72901B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestLe Swaste RestaurantMiami Ad SchoolBrooklynMerit11050C
75201B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestDining With A PurposeMiami Ad SchoolSan FrancsicoMerit11051C
116601B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestCity Harvest To-Go TruckMiami Ad SchoolMiamiMerit11052C
130401B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestFood DriveMiami Ad SchoolBrooklynMerit11053C
130601B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestA Table for GoodMiami Ad SchoolBrooklynMerit11054C
139201B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestCity Harvest Yelp FiltersMiami Ad SchoolBrooklynMerit11055C
174801B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestCity Harvest GiftoversMiami Ad SchoolBerlinMerit11056C
202601B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestCity Harvest's Food Fight NYCMiami Ad SchoolBrooklynMerit11057C
131101B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestRecycled VaultMiami Ad School ESPMSao PauloMerit11058C
61401B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestNY CooksMiami Ad School EuropeHamburgMerit11059C
174001B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestThank You CampaignSchool of the Art Institute of ChicagoChicagoMerit11060C
148301B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestCheck BookletSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11061C
203801B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestApple Laptop DecalSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11062C
210301B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestStomach BagsSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11063C
214401B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestFeed The PeopleSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11064C
139901B: Non-Traditional Advertising (Single)City HarvestTrash Bags: Don't Let Good Food Go To Waste.University of TexasAustinMerit11065C
135801C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City HarvestProject LeftoversBerghs School of CommunicationStockholmMerit11066C
45801C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City HarvestHarvest PrideColumbus College of Art & DesignColumbusMerit11067C
46401C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City HarvestNourishing New YorkColumbus College of Art & DesignColumbusMerit11068C
143601C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City HarvestDine City HarvestFashion Institute of TechnologyNew YorkMerit11069C
58801C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City Harvest23 Cent CampaignMiami Ad SchoolMiamiMerit11070C
132001C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City HarvestCity Harvest On The MenuMinneapolis College of Art and DesignMinneapolisMerit11071C
205201C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City HarvestEmptiness Non-Traditional CampaignSavannah College of Art and DesignSavannahMerit11072C
84201C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City HarvestOpen for LunchSyracuse UniversitySyracuseMerit11073C
148401C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City HarvestFind a Way to Feed the CityAcademy of Art UniversityPasadenaMerit11074C
186601C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City HarvestThe Reservation that Feeds NYCThe University of Texas at AustinAustinMerit11075C
126601C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City HarvestBEST IF USED BYUniversity of ColoradoBoulderMerit11076C
133801C: Non-Traditional Advertising (Campaign)City Harvestfruit sillhouetteUniversity of ColoradoBoulderMerit11077C
170101D: Print CampaignCity HarvestHunger ProblemsAcademy of Art UniversitySan FranciscoMerit11078C
178701D: Print CampaignCity HarvestA Days MealArt Center College of DesignPasadenaMerit11079C
131401D: Print CampaignCity HarvestA symbol of hungerBerghs School of CommunicationStockholmMerit11080C
80201D: Print CampaignCity HarvestNo Access PrintThe Book ShopLos AngelesMerit11081C
117701D: Print CampaignCity HarvestHarvest RatedCity College of New YorkNew YorkMerit11082C
96901D: Print CampaignCity HarvestGood Food Go BadCalifornia State UniversityLong BeachMerit11083C
34301D: Print CampaignCity HarvestMagazine AdsJames Madison UniversityHarrisonburgMerit11084C
24601D: Print CampaignCity HarvestConnecting with the communityRochester Institute of TechnologyRochesterMerit11085C
12501D: Print CampaignCity HarvestComplete the pictureThe Creative CircusAtlantaMerit11086C
78701D: Print CampaignCity HarvestCity Harvest Small Business PostersTyler School of Art/ Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaMerit11087C
127801D: Print CampaignCity HarvestDanLehman_take_notice_of_hungerTyler School of Art/ Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaMerit11088C
50501D: Print CampaignCity HarvestFresh TypeTyler School of Art/ Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaMerit11089C
51601D: Print CampaignCity HarvestFeeding New Yorkers in NeedTyler School of Art/ Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaMerit11090C
204302A: Online Ad (Single)City HarvestTrash INTERACTIVESchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11091C
209002A: Online Ad (Single)City HarvestBanner DonationSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11092C
204202B: Online Ad (Campaign)City HarvestThe Hunger GamesAcademy of Art UniversitySan FranciscoMerit11093C
194902B: Online Ad (Campaign)City HarvestFamily RecipesLondon College of CommunicationLondonMerit11094C
201702B: Online Ad (Campaign)City HarvestFood Words DIGITALSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11095C
211702B: Online Ad (Campaign)City HarvestLuxury Digital CampaignSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11096C
89103A: Logo DesignCity HarvestCity Harvest LogoTexas A&M UniversityCommerceMerit11097C
69503A: Logo DesignCity HarvestCity Harvest LogoTyler School of Art/ Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaMerit11098C
129903A: Logo DesignCity HarvestDanLehman_city_harvest_logoTyler School of Art/ Temple UniversityPhiladelphiaMerit11099C
91503B: Corporate Identity CampaignCity HarvestCity of PlentyCalifornia State UniversityLong BeachMerit11100C
14803B: Corporate Identity CampaignCity Harveston off buttonFondazione Accademia di ComunicazioneMilanMerit11101C
140403C: Package DesignCity HarvestNourish New YorkFashion Institute of TechnologyNew YorkMerit11102C
198203C: Package DesignCity HarvestPost-It NotesSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11103C
203703C: Package DesignCity HarvestApple Laptop DecalSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11104C
204003C: Package DesignCity HarvestPlace Setting BoxSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11105C
215503C: Package DesignCity HarvestCrackersSchool of Visual ArtsNew YorkMerit11106C