Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was inducted into the 2012 One Club Creative Hall of Fame for a lifetime of contributions to design, branding and communications. He has left his mark on no less than five industries: personal computers with Apple II and Macintosh, music with iPod and iTunes, the phone with the now ubiquitous iPhone, and animation with Pixar. A middle-class hippie kid who dropped out of college, he built a computer empire and became a multi-millionaire in a few years, was then fired from his own company before returning a decade later to turn it into one of the world’s most influential corporations with millions of fans around the world. He is now widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most eminent business executives and an unrivaled visionary. He has changed millions of lives by making technology easy-to-use, exciting and beautiful.

Steve was closely involved in all aspects of the Apple brand, including its advertising and marketing communications. Ever since the launch of the Macintosh in 1984, his collaboration with Chiat/Day and later, TBWA\Media Arts Lab is one of the most storied client/agency partnerships in advertising. Here we look back at some of the highlights from their work together as selected by Lee Clow, chairman of TBWA\Media Arts Lab and fellow Creative Hall of Fame member.

Paula Green

Paula Green is a pioneer among women in advertising, best known for writing the lyrics to the "Look for the Union Label" song for ILGWU and the Avis motto, "We Try Harder." She began her career working as a copywriter for Seventeen Magazine; after two years helping boost the young magazine's image and trying to change stereotypical perceptions of young women, she moved to the LC Gumbinner Agency. Then, noticing the work coming out of Doyle Dane Bernbach, she joined as a copywriter, where she was responsible for pivotal campaigns such as Avis, eventually becoming its first woman creative management supervisor. Having reached the highest position available to her there, she left to start her own agency, Green Dolmatch, partnering with Murray Dolmatch. After eight years, the agency became Paula Green Advertising, responsible for campaigns like "Goya Oh Boy-a!" for Goya foods in the 1980s. Her ad philosophy throughout her career? "We try harder—that's the story of my life."

Below is a sampling of the work that made Paula famous beginning with the "Golden Age of Television" through the 1980s.

Joe Pytka

Joe Pytka is creator of some of the best and most well-known television commercials ever made. Pytka has directed more than 5,000 ads for some of the world’s largest corporations, and earned many awards and nominations including three Directors Guild of America Commercial Direction Awards and 15 nominations. Over the past three decades, his stylized images have wedged themselves into the American consciousness, and his commercials for clients such as Budweiser, Pepsi, McDonald's and NFL have aired more than 30 times during the Super Bowl telecast. Those include Madonna’s infamous Pepsi commercial, “Make a Wish,” a frying egg demonstrating “This is your brain on drugs,” Ray Charles’ “Uh-huh” for Pepsi, Bo Jackson’s “Bo knows” for Nike, among many others. As a filmmaker, Pytka directed Let It Ride starring Richard Dreyfuss, and the hit Space Jam with Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. He’s also made music videos such as The Beatles “Free as a Bird,” John Lennon’s “Starting Over,” Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” and “The Way You Make Me Feel."

Selecting highlights from a library of over 5,000 commercials is no easy feat, but here we present several of Joe's favorite picks from his prolific career.

Rob Lawton

Rob Lawton is perhaps one of the greatest teachers in advertising. His critiques in the classroom are legendary for their brutal honesty, dead-on accuracy and incredible inspiration. In fact, Gary Goldsmith told Archive magazine that meeting with Rob launched his career. He is the common thread between many of today's creative superstars--among his students in the 1980s were illustrator Michael Schwab, photographer Mark Seliger, 2011 One Show Pencil-winner David Kampa and The Martin Agency’s Chief Creative Officer John Norman. Not surprisingly, whenever his former pupils are interviewed, they never fail to thank Rob for helping them achieve their many successes. In 1995, Rob co-founded The Creative Circus, where many of his graduates have gone on to be the executive creative directors, agency owners and One Show Pencil winners.