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Kevin Dresser

Dresser Johnson

Kevin Dresser has been designing with type and image since his teens, when his first commercial work was published. Following high school, he immersed himself in New York City’s underground graffiti art scene and was accepted into Pratt Institute with a pocket full of 4” by 6” graffiti snapshots as his portfolio. He left Pratt after two years to take the position of art director at Flatiron News Magazine. He followed that position with a three-year digital font design apprenticeship under the tutelage of Jonathan Hoefler of Hoefler & Co. Later he was a recognized part of New York’s post-graffiti street art scene with his one-of-a-kind derelict vehicle paintings.

Dresser’s identities combine sophisticated custom lettering and smart logomarks to give his clients a look that is not easily imitated. The ability to design custom lettering is why companies seek out his craftsmanship to make their brands stand out in the marketplace. When people see these identities, Dresser is often asked, “What font is that?,” and he must respond, “It’s not a font, it’s lettering.”




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