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Phil Yarnall

Raised on Mad Magazine, saturday morning cartoons and 80's Punk Rock, Phil Yarnall knew at an early age that he wanted to work with music and art. After attending Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA as well as studying in Rome, Italy he moved to NYC, worked his way to the middle and decided it was time to quit workin' for the Man and make some moves. Many years later, sitting in his Fortress of Solitude in North Salem, NY, he is surrounded by his numerous unique packages and designs for artists ranging from AC/DC and The Velvet Underground to Hank Williams and Janis Joplin. He has also had the good fortune to be responsible for the look and branding for the Jimi Hendrix estate, which involves everything from 45 rpm singles and CD/LP box sets to tour bus graphics for the Experience Hendrix tour bus and the granite monument at Jimi's gravesite. His studio, Smay Design, continues to seek out new opportunities for visual grooviness and experimentation between taking the kids to school and walking his dog, Daisy.




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