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Ludvig Bruneau Rossow

Bleed / Bureau Bruneau

Ludvig Bruneau Rossow is a 24-year-old multidisciplinary graphic designer living and working in Oslo, Norway. In 2010 he graduated from Westerdals School of Communication, the same school which that year was ranked one of the world’s top ten communication schools in “YoungGuns Schools of the Decade”. In the summer of 2011, after a year of employment in Oslo, he did an internship with Sagmeister Inc. in New York. Both personally and professionally that was a life changing experience. Since then he´s been working with an Oslo-based studio called Bleed, at which he is still employed. He has also during the last six years been running his own freelance practice called Bureau Bruneau. It´s a project reserved for additional research and experimental work in the field of graphic design.

A great deal of his work have been featured in numerous books and published magazines, and was granted The Award of Design Excellence 2012 by The Norwegian Design Council. A winner of the prestigious Visuelt Award and The Most Beautiful Books Award (Norway) in 2011, he was considered to be one of the most interesting norwegian designers by CAP & Design Magazine.




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