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Michael Please


After healing the sprained ankle of a unicorn, Mikey Please was granted one wish. He wished to be the greatest animation director, EVER. Alas, unicorns aren't magicians. Though, it did tell him that if he worked really, really hard forever, then maybe one day he'd be kind of ok.

So he went off to do a Masters at London's Royal College of Art, funding it with commissions from people like Virgin, Rough Trade, Ninja Tune and Universal Records. There he made a short film called The Eagleman Stag, which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, won a BAFTA and a bunch of other awards from places such as SXSW, Seattle, LA and Chicago International Film Festivals and the AFI.

Mikey then continued his commercial work with a short for Nike and directing part of the Grammy nominated album film '9 Types of Light' for the Brooklyn based band, TV on the Radio. In early 2012, he was awarded a 3-month fellowship in Tokyo by the Japanese Center for Cultural Affairs. During this time, he developed the script for a new short film, Marylin Myller. He is also working on a feature with Film Four and Warp Films.

Sadly, all this has taken its toll and in March 2012, he took to the streets of Tokyo drunk with power. The following words were recorded by a terrified bystander:

“I am a reckless man. I am a powerful being. I take the raw material of the universe and bend it to my will. I make little puppet animations. I make them to not look like the things that they actually are. I command onlookers to ask themselves, "what is that?" I leave imperfections, clues in each image that tell the story of how that image came to be so people can understand the process and enjoy the film that little bit more.“

He recently changed his middle name to Yes




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