Young Guns 12 WINNERS

2014: The theme for Young Guns 13 was "Creativity Never Dies", best exemplified in a video game created by dozens of past Young Guns winners where the game character would live forever. This year’s Young Guns Cube was definitely a show stealer at the October 9, 2014 ceremony. Designed at Deutsch Inc. by Young Guns winners Menno Kluin (YG6) Juan Carlos Pagan (YG11) and Brian Gartside (YG12), this laser-etched and hand-polished beauty now sits on the shelves of 31 young creatives around the world.


Jono Brandel

Jono Brandel (b. 1986) relies on the combination of two fundamental disciplines: graphic design and computer programming. The results of this mixture vary in form, but usually have a screen-based component. He explores procedural aesthetics. Jono earned a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA’s department of Design | Media Arts with a minor in Latin. He went on to receive two artist grants with: cheLA in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Fabrica in Treviso, Italy. He is now a member of the Data Arts Team in Google’s Creative Lab. His work has been showcased at FITC, Type Directors Club, the Tate Modern, Tribeca Film Festival, SIGGRAPH, Gray Area, Eyebeam, OFFF, and HAMMER Museum.




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