Young Guns 12 WINNERS

2014: The theme for Young Guns 13 was "Creativity Never Dies", best exemplified in a video game created by dozens of past Young Guns winners where the game character would live forever. This year’s Young Guns Cube was definitely a show stealer at the October 9, 2014 ceremony. Designed at Deutsch Inc. by Young Guns winners Menno Kluin (YG6) Juan Carlos Pagan (YG11) and Brian Gartside (YG12), this laser-etched and hand-polished beauty now sits on the shelves of 31 young creatives around the world.


Nicholas Misani

Louise Fili Ltd.

Nicholas Misani is a graphic designer with a passion for ornament. As a former classical musician, he is fascinated by laborious processes and the fugal convergence of traditional and contemporary forms. Born in Milan, into a family of jewelry designers, Nicholas developed a love for calligraphy and art at an early age and started his formal training studying architecture and industrial design at the Liceo Artistico Bruno Munari in Crema, Italy. After a brief period living in Japan, he relocated to New York to pursue his musical studies and eventually transition back to design by obtaining an MFA in Communications Design from the Pratt Institute. Since graduating, his work has been recognized by a variety of online and print publications, including Print Magazine, The Dieline, UnderConsideration, and AIGA. He was named a Gold Medalist by the UCDA Design Competition and a Creativity 43rd Print & Packaging Awards Winner. Nicholas has had the pleasure of working at Mucca Design under Matteo Bologna and at Penguin Books under Paul Buckley. He is currently a designer at Louise Fili Ltd, joyfully creating quintessentially Italian, historically-inspired typography.




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