Young Guns 14 WINNERS

2016: In a bold departure from recent years, Young Guns 14 returned the award to its roots. The awards eschewed a call for entries in favor of a nomination process where esteemed cultural influencers would choose cutting-edge creatives, who would then be selected by a panel of judges made up of industry heavyweights and previous Young Guns winners. The end result? A class of 30 winners representing eight different countries and an eclectic array of discipline

The Cube, which was unveiled at the September 17, 2016 ceremony, was created by luxury audio brand Master & Dynamic, under the guidance of designer and YG8 winner Nicole Jacek.


Toph Tucker

Born in Boston, 26, cis white male, I'm a web programmer working on interfaces. At Bowdoin College I learned from people who are actually good at math, so I could take that to Businessweek and learn from people who are actually good at design, which I'm now taking to Kensho to learn from people who are actually good at programming. Eventually I hope to be actually good at the synthesis! In my dreams I continue this work for the rest of my life.




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