Young Guns 6 WINNERS



Justin Meredith

Thornberg & Forester

Justin is driven by the genuine, emotive power of extraordinary images. This passion fuels his quest to strike intuitive balances between beauty, original thought and unpredictability. Whether he communicates through a film, still photograph or design, he’s fully committed to upholding a leading standard of quality.

As an accomplished director and founding partner of digital production company, Thornberg & Forester, he’s charged with ensuring that T&F remains a hub for creative innovation. T&F was built from a collective vision to provide a protective enclave for like-minded artists and to respectfully honor and foster their talents.

Justin has designed and directed a diverse body of work for a vast array of clientele including spots for Target, AICP, Microsoft Zune, Conservation International, the network launch of Discovery Channel’s Planet Green and branding materials for the Playstation 3 Network. His work has also appeared in the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of Art and the Tokyo Auto Show. Justin has received awards from the BDA, One Show, Print Magazine and ADC Young Guns 7.




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