Young Guns 6 WINNERS



Emre Veryeri


Emre was born in Ankara, Turkey (september 8 1980). He spend his youth
by the Aegean coast with weird fishes before he moved to Istanbul in
1998 to study Visual Communication Design in Istanbul Bilgi
University. In 2003, he came to New York and got an MFA Design degree
from School of Visual Arts. Back there, he had the fortune to meet
Stefan Sagmeister, Milton Glaser, Steven Heller, Steven Doyle, Gail
Anderson, Paola Antonelli and many more Design Gods. Since his
graduation, Emre has pursued a career as a motion graphics designer in
Trollback+Co for 6 years and finally LoyalKaspar .

Emre has received a number of honorable awards and his work has been
presented in number of design magazines and exhibitions such as
"Excellence in Design" by Print Magazine, Idn, Cooper Hewitt - National
Design Triennial, Moma (Helvetica Film), Stash, Grafik Tasarim.

He's willing to teach in the future and share what he learned so far.




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