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Karim Charlebois-Zariffa

Karim Zariffa is multi-disciplinary designer and director. He is accomplished in multiple formats and technologies, his style keeps changing because he wants to keep moving forward and explore more. Based in Montreal, Canada the 29 years old is already well established in the design world. With some international clients like TheNewYorkTime Magazine, HP, Nokia, Air Canada, 
Aol, Coke, etc… and agency like Bbdo, Attik, Grey, Sid Lee, Cossette, Brand new School, etc… Karim has won more then 14 trophies, has been published in many books and magazines, he gives lectures around the world and work mainly in between Montreal, New York and Bali.

He studied 8 years in graphic design and worked as a freelancer for the last 10 years. He touched a big range of design disciplines like ; motion, graphic, fashion, interior, object, installation, music video, tv commercials, movie credits, etc… During those 10 years, he produced everything himself hiring a bunch of collaborators, but for the last couple of years he started to delegate bigger productions to production houses, allowing him to be more creative and less business man. He his now represented as a director at 1st Avenue Machine in New York, working mainly on big tv commercials. As for Quebec clientèle, he works with Moskito to produce his bigger jobs but still accepting direct clients and agencies offers from all over the world. Often collaborating with colleague Julien Vallée, he also surrounds himself with a lot of local talent to produce his jobs.

His mentor is Stefan Sagmeister, he worked under him for a period of 6 months during his sabbatical in Bali. His influence in Karim's work is noticeable visually but also in his process. Bali also made a big influence on Karim, he now goes back every year to work on personal art projects.

He is now more open then ever, with a strong experience in many disciplines, he is now ready to attack bigger projects, he excels in conception and creation. His favourite part is finding the ideas and he excels when working on his own concepts. With a strong art direction sense he has a unique vision and always tries to push the limits of design, in camera tricks are his favourite these days, he believes authenticity can charm the viewer.




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