Young Guns 7 WINNERS



Sylvain Dumais

Dumais Studio / L'ELOI / HUMBLE TV

Sylvain happily jumped to directing after a few years working as a commercial photographer. He aims to keep his commercial work as fresh and playful as possible.

The Long Haul, his first shot as Monsieur Le Directeur, helped him win all around attention and cheers: the prestigious Art Director Club's Young Guns 7 Award, a PDN Award, and his very first commercial representation. (Not to mention over 200,000 online views.)

A few projects and awards later ( Applied Arts, Promax DBA, Communication Arts Interactive ) his crafty film work has landed him gigs with a variety of awesome and diverse agencies such as Sid Lee, Y&R, McCann and Lowe - as well as brands from McDonald's to UK's Channel 5.

While shooting stills, Sylvain discovered a passion for set building, tactile installation and mixed media, which is reflected in his motion work. He's always excited by projects involving design and visual trickery.




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