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Stephan Walter

Stephan Walter

Stephan Walter lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland where he was born in 1982. Stephan started work in the graphic design world at an advertising agency. During his time at the agency he made up his mind that the only way for him to express his passion in graphic design was for him to become self-employed!

Stephan studied Graphic and Media Design at the F&F School for Art and Media Design. After graduating, Stephan pursued his dream. He worked for the F&F School, Freitag AG and for some local bands from Zurich. During this time he was resolving his own style and approach. He quickly developed his own picture language by learning a lot of techniques related to handling alternative design softwares.

A year after graduating, Stephan flew to New York to conduct research and development work with Stefan Sagmeister.

Stephan has now practiced for seven years as an independent illustrator and graphic designer trading under his own name. Over the last seven years he has worked for many clients including David Byrne & Brian Eno, Wired Magazine, Time Out New York, Vodafone, Volkswagen, ESPN, die Zeit, Levis, Sagmeister Inc., Elle and many more.

Stephan also teaches and lectures at schools for design, mainly in his beloved discipline: Typography and Illustration.

With his design and illustration work Stephan has won several international design prizes like the ADC Young Guns 2011. The Artwork for David Byrne was honoured with a Grammy.

Stephan wants to give you Printed Love.




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