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2017 — Now under the umbrella of The One Club for Creativity, Young Guns 15 returned the competition to an open entry process, encouraging young creatives from a broad range of disciplines to apply. By seeking out talent from beyond the design and advertising worlds, Young Guns 15 received a record number of entries from more than 40 countries.

The YG15 Jury was made up of nearly 50 acclaimed creatives, equally balanced between men and women, and with just over half of them past Young Guns winners themselves. After nearly two months of careful deliberation, the jury selected 84 entrants for a finalist list — the first time in Young Guns history that the finalists were publicly revealed. The final round of judging took place in New York City, with both private voting and open debate from the judges leading to the 32 winners below.

YG15 Creative Choice Award

For the first time in Young Guns history, the One Club for Creativity was pleased to announce the Young Guns Creative Choice Award. We encouraged the global creative community at large to explore the works of this year's class of Young Guns winners, and to select which one winner they believe stood above all others, even in this rarified group of superstars.

The winner of the first ever Young Guns 15 Creative Choice Award is SJ.


Derek Brahney

Artist, Art Director + Designer

Based In: Brooklyn, NY
Originally from: Manasquan, NJ

Derek Brahney is an artist, art director and designer born in New Jersey and based in New York. He is the founder of New Studio, working on commissions in design, illustration, installation, art direction and more. The name 'New' refers to both the genuine desire to create something not seen before, as well as a wink at the idea that in an age of remix and appropriation, nothing is truly original. Previously he has worked for Tom Sachs Studio and Partners & Spade. He works across disciplines and his projects are as much conceptual as they are visual, often employing mundane objects and absurdist humor to investigate contemporary American life.

Bouquets Agency: Derek Brahney Client: Category: Young Guns 15 / Year: 2017
Suggestion Box Agency: Derek Brahney Client: Category: Young Guns 15 / Year: 2017
Cyanotypes Agency: Derek Brahney Client: Category: Young Guns 15 / Year: 2017
Set Design Agency: Derek Brahney Client: Sleepy Jones Category: Young Guns 15 / Year: 2017
Owner's Manual Agency: Derek Brahney Client: Alex Mill Category: Young Guns 15 / Year: 2017
First Words Agency: Derek Brahney Client: The New York Times Magazine Category: Young Guns 15 / Year: 2017




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