2016 One Show - Young Ones Jury - Professionals

Jennifer Hays

Senior Art Director


New York

Jen’s journey into advertising started well before she knew where it was heading as she used her fine art skills to create advertisements for local events and projects in Virginia. The journey continued to Virginia Tech where she got her BFA in Graphic Design and went on to hone her design and advertising skills in the small market of Roanoke, VA where she quickly advanced to the top – which meant it was time for new challenges.

She turned to flipping old houses for fun and learned she was quite good at it. Functioning as contractor, designer and realtor, the adventurous undertaking paid off enough to fund her move to the great land of NYC. Once settled in NYC, she started freelancing her way through the advertising world for several years from Strawberry Frog to Deutsch, and later on to full time senior positions at Ogilvy NY and 360i before settling into to her current full time position working on award-winning and noteworthy brands like Prudential and Google at Droga5. During this time Jen also became a managing director for FAB (Film & Advertising Broads), an advocacy network for women in advertising, where she has helped grow the network while feeding a her passion for celebrating and fostering female talent in advertising.

Depending on the day, she’s immersed in developing anything from digital experiences, to print campaigns or TV ads, and fills the gaps with trying new food, travelling, trying new food while travelling, snowboarding, playing the piano, enjoying live music, making things (it’s a broad category) and bombarding Instagram (and facebook – because why miss the opportunity for double-the-likes on a pic?) with way too many pics of her and her husband’s travels, homemade vittles, their incredibly photogenic dog.




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