September 14, 2012


As longtime headhunter and author Phil Growick puts it, “Nobody starts at the top… some may be born with a silver spoon, no one is born with a Gold Pencil.” All of the creative leaders today were one day juniors at the bottom of the totem pole. So on Tuesday, September 11, 2012, we hosted a panel of high-powered creatives to describe their first memorable experience in advertising, based on Growick’s book, “My First Time”, a wonderful collection of stories from some of the world’s top advertising creatives. It proved to be an engaging night of great stories and invaluable pieces of wisdom from the field.

Darren Moran, Chief Storyist of The Gotham Bacon Concern & Former CCO at Draftfcb, started out as “the world’s worst account guy” and would sneak away to join groups of creatives. He told of a hilarious story where he went on a shoot to Hawaii with a first class ticket that cost more than his annual salary, even trying to cash it in for a downgrade.

Vann Graves, ECD at McCann, followed with a story about getting his hopes up when asked to see Phil Dusenberry, the late executive at BBDO, about a special project, only to find out that Phil wanted him to create his dog’s Christmas card. His line, “Falalalala bow wow meow” impressed Mr. Dusenberry and got him a job. As Vann said, “No job is too small. I know when you're a junior you get discouraged, but be positive.”

Check back next week for full video of the event, and check out our gallery here:
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