July 25, 2012


Jim Durfee is one of the most influential men in advertising. He's one of those amazing people that have impacted a whole industry, but doesn't seek out any fame from it. Back in the Creative Revolution days, there were a handful of really great agencies. But the only real battle was between DDB and Carl Ally. DDB had Volkswagen, Ally had Volvo. DDB had Avis, Ally had Hertz. The list goes on. Jim was the copywriter on many of the iconic ads from that time. "Drive it like you hate it" for Volvo, "No.2 says he tries harder. Than Who?" for Hertz. People who worked with him include, Ed McCabe, Helayne Spivak, Tom Messner, Martin Puris, David Altschiller, Ralph Ammirati, and hundreds more. This 1963 ad really makes you want to drive this car.
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