June 22, 2011


The One Club had the pleasure of having Len Sirowitz stop by the office the other day. Mary Warlick was talking with Len, and the Archive department just had to meet the man and talk a little about DDB in the Golden Age. This man was voted "Best Art Director 1968 & 1970 by Ad Weekly" He worked with Krone, Gage, Robinson and Bill Bernbach. Where do you start with a guy like this? He brought up this VW ad, he was walking outside his office and he turned and saw this bus, he knew it was an ad right there. It's brilliant. He said they always called the VW a bus, so it was perfect. Len also worked on Sara Lee, Parker Pens, and Mobil, besides many others. He also was The One Club President in 1982 and 1983.
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