February 14, 2012


This Valentine's Day reminds me of one of the great love stories in Advertising. Mary Wells and Harding Lawrence. Wells had met Lawrence at Houston-based Continental Airlines, when she was working on the "Golden Jet" campaign for Jack Tinker. Harding became President of Braniff Airlines and Mary was brought in to redo their branding. She proceeded to hire Alexander Calder to design the exterior of the planes, redo the interiors and outfit the stewardesses in Pucci outfits. "The End Of The Plain Planes" campaign was a great success. A year later when Harding married Mary, she was fired from the account for conflict of interest. Nonetheless, Mary went on to become the highest paid advertising executive in the late 1960's. The couple stayed together, had a few children and had a great life together. Harding passed away in 2002. Mary wrote the great book " A Big Life in Advertising", is cofounder of the website wowOwow and continues to come up with big ideas. Happy Valentine's Day Mary.
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