November 15, 2011


Director Darren Aronofsky has collaborated with Organic, Omnicon’s digital agency, and animation house Studio AKA to create a hard-hitting new campaign on the destructiveness of teen meth use.

The newly launched “Ask MethProject.org” supports the prevention program Meth Project, using digital platforms, TV spots, and print to spur conversations about addiction. The end result is an affecting campaign that avoids the condescending or chastising tone often associated with anti-drug efforts.

The TV spots show scenarios of teens in extreme situations, including a boy cowering while his older brother ransacks his room searching for money. An animated short depicts a teen dealing with “crank bugs,” or the crawling sensation under the skin that results from the drug. Aronofsky’s talent for bringing dark subject matter to life (Requiem for a Dream) and conveying the pain of addiction make the TV spots in particular very powerful.

The campaign was apparently created with significant input from teens-- MethProject.org also invites teens to submit their own stories, artwork, and videos. Visit the website here: http://www.undergroundaward.com/methproject/

Click the image above to watch a recent TV spot.
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