January 04, 2012


Paula Green, the great copywriter from DDB, Green Dolmatch and Paula Green Advertising is being inducted into The One Club's Creative Hall of Fame on January 17th. The word pioneer is thrown around as much as genius is these days, but this woman was actually both. Coming into an agency with the likes of Helmut Newton, Phyllis Robinson, and Bob Gage to name just a few legends.

Paula proceeded to rise to the challenge and become a master herself. Paula wrote an amazing amount of great ads, Avis'-We Try Harder, Seagrams, Instant Quaker Oats, Goya Foods, Hathaway Shirts. Great, great work.

One of her best known commercials was for The International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. The ILGWU. The first spot ran November 1975. It only aired 24 times in the first two years. Their strategy was to only air it on specials, the Academy Awards, Tony Awards and U.S Open Tennis. A precursor to the Super Bowls ads. It worked and the song and the Union was ingrained in the hearts and heads of US consumers. Paula wrote the lyrics and Malcolm Dodds was the composer.
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