May 26, 2011


If you came of age during a certain time, Rolling Stone was THE MAGAZINE. We all got our information on music and politics of the left from here. So many great stories and photographs came out of these pages. Remember when Cameron Crowe was just a kid writing about music, and Annie was THE rock and roll photographer. John and Yoko on the cover and John on the first cover in his army hat. Richard Avedon did a series in 1976 called "The Family", people in power at that time. This is what everyone was talking about. Hunter S. Thompson...should I say anything more. What a great magazine it was. Nobody covered the youth of our nation as well. In 1986 the great Fallon/McElligott agency created the "Perception/ Reality Campaign" Rolling Stone was having a bit of a growing problem, as our nation was, under Ronald Reagan. The brilliant Nancy Rice was the art director and Bill Miller was the writer. As Nancy Rice has said " the solution to the client's problem was absolutely obvious"
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