Young Ones Competition

One of the most acclaimed advertising, interactive and design student competitions is the annual Young Ones Competition, a tradition dating back to 1986.

The Pencil winners are awarded at the annual Young Ones Education Festival awards ceremony and finalists are published in the One Show Annual as well as online in the Young Ones Awards Archive.

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The 2016 Young Ones Competition once again challenged students with two briefs. Client sponsor LEGO asked students to bring the brand's "playful learning" to life inside their stores. And Serviceplan sponsored a return to the open brief format, this year under the theme of "Empathy to Equality".
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The 2015 Young Ones Competition once again challenged students with two briefs. Client sponsor Lenovo posed some very real questions about their brand identity and visibility. And Serviceplan sponsored a return to the open brief format, this year under the theme of "Kids and Technology".
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The 2014 Young Ones Competition brought two briefs with very different approaches to the challenge. The first, for the fashion label Organic by John Patrick, tasked students with exploring the future of a brand with very carefully-honed core identity and ethics. The second brief, developed in partnership with 2014 sponsor Serviceplan, was entitled "Save the Arts" and was designed as an open challenge where students could imagine a client and create their own framework for their entry, without any traditional category breakdown.
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The 2013 Young Ones Competition offered students a choice of two briefs aimed at creating solutions for social change. The first, Pencils of Promise, gave students the opportunity to shed light on the global education crisis affecting millions of students across the globe. The second, Justice by Design, provided students with the opportunity to tackle human rights issues by using design to communicate data for the sake of social justice.
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The 2012 Young Ones Competition offered students not one, not two, but THREE fun and challenging briefs to choose from. Two briefs were provided by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), asking students to create awareness about the horrors of the thoroughbred horseracing industry and/or to sensitize humans to the plight of fish who are killed for food. The other, from Stride Gum asked students to bring new life to Stride's branded "Fuel non-stop nonsense" position.
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The 2011 Young Ones Competition asked students to focus all of their attention on ONE brand as they encouraged people to support New York City's poor and homeless. The 2011 competition client was City Harvest, and their main mission is to help the 1.5 million New Yorkers currently who live in poverty, and struggle to afford basic necessities like rent, medical costs and food for their families.
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The 2010 Young Ones Competition offered students a choice between high fashion and high ideals. They were asked to create campaigns for an innovative, internationally sold fashion accessories brand (NOOKA); or rebrand a program dedicated to improving the environment by planting one million trees across New York City’s five boroughs (Million Trees NYC).
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Advertising brief was sponsored by an unestablished homegrown condiment brand. It asked students to create an ad campaign that positioned Long's Horseradish as a gourmet food brand.
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Advertising brief was sponsored by a famous snack brand Doritos. It asked students to create an ad campaign that is as iconic as Doritos itself. The design brief asked students to create a political poster that visualizes and raises awareness around a political figure or social issue/cause of their choice.
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In partnership with Natural Resources Defense Council, the brief asked students to create a campaign that encourages the public to recognize 21st century environmental concerns as crucial to quality of life around the world.
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The brief asked students to create advertising that draws attention to the promise of hybrid vehicles and illustrates the benefits of the technology to the consumer and environment by encouraging the consumer to visit the client's website,
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The assignment was to create work for Domino Sugar and convince consumers that when it comes to choosing a sweetener, 100% natural pure cane sugar is better.
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Students were assigned to develop an advertising or design campaign that elevated the advertising industry in the minds of consumers. The consciousness of the consumer should be raised enough to entice stronger, smarter, and more diverse talent to consider a career in advertising.

The assignment, sponsored by the Newspaper Association of America, was to create a campaign to convince young people that newspaper readership is relevant to their daily lives.

The assignment to promote the United States as a benevolent nation with genuine interest in the welfare of other countries, attracted some of the most sophisticated work in recent years, as well as media coverage in the trades.

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