Brand + Communication Designer

Portland, Oregon / INDUSTRY

Posted: Jul 19, 2017


Job Description: Brand + Communication Designer

Job Level: Junior-Mid Level

Field: Design

Job Functions: Brand Design, Communication Design, Visual Design and Content Creation 



As a Brand + Communication Designer at INDUSTRY, you are an expert focused on communication design and content development - including brand and graphic design, production, and visual design - both for internal and external projects. You will collaborate with other internal designers and external client teams to deliver high-quality brand design solutions. This position considers global trends and consumer trends, while more specifically focusing on design and marketing. This position also supports the INDUSTRY team in production, and leverages additional skills including photography, copywriting and content generation.


This in an exempt position and is full-time and based in Portland, Oregon ? reporting directly to the the Creative Director, while working collaboratively with all design teams.


Support project teams with communication design; varying from graphic design to visual design and layout design.

Participate in team brainstorms and overall content generation for both internal and external projects.

Works collaboratively with other in-house or client-side interdisciplinary designers, marketing

teams, brand and product managers

Support INDUSTRY's marketing and client-experience leads in the organization and layout of INDUSTRY's case studies and client-facing business communication tools.



Must have an entrepreneurial spirit and strategic intellect.

Must have an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior as it relates to trends, with the ability to articulate both "what's next" and "what's now" to the team on a regular basis.

Requires very strong organizational skills and the ability to effectively manage multiple conflicting priorities in a rapidly changing environment.

Requires impeccable attention to detail, particularly in production files, and asset generation.

Requires strong communication skills (speaking, listening, and writing) and the ability to make both formal and informal presentations to groups of varying sizes. Must possess the ability to express confusion and ask questions in order to effectively learn and grow, keeping the team apprised of insights as well as roadblocks.

Requires strong team skills and the ability to contribute meaningful and effective participation to a variety of creative professionals.

Self-motivated, with the ability to prioritize and manage workload, set up team meetings, and meet deadlines and project milestones.

Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Powerpoint/Keynote, and Apple OS.

Requires excellent 2D visualization skills, including hand-sketching, tablet-sketching, illustrator renderings, layout design, etc.


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