Seeking Graphic Identity for Fantasy Novel Trilogy

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Posted: Aug 7, 2017


Seeking Designer / Illustrator to Create Graphic Identity for Fantasy Novel Trilogy
RFP for the production of three book covers, marketing style guide

Author James Daniel Eckblad is releasing the remaining books (II and III) of his Blackfire trilogy through Wipf and Stock this fall. The author is using this complete hardcover release as an opportunity to produce a new graphic identity that visually unites all three book covers and evokes the heart of the story.

Project Summary

The author is soliciting proposals for new book cover designs/illustrations for a three-volume fantasy novel. The trilogy, "Blackfire - The Books of Bairnmoor", is a philosophical/theological quest in the style of C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia and will be released in hardcover by Wipf and Stock this Fall. The cover of Blackfire Volume I (currently in print) was clean, but not sufficiently evocative or marketable. The author would like a new direction for the book's identity?one that is more representational with respect to the characters and themes.

The ideal new identity for Blackfire should make each hardcover book enticing as its own physical object, and also reward those who bring all three books together on their bookshelf. The covers need to boldly reflect a distinction for each book, but also a participate in a design scheme that makes apparent all three covers (volumes) are part of a single fantasy novel. All three books will be published simultaneously in paperback, hardcover, and digital versions, but not (as of this proposal) as a boxed set.

See the dropbox application link below for a PDF containing full project description, plot summaries, and proposal guidelines details. Proposals are due 8/14. Project due 9/30.

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