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Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom / The Northern Block

Posted: Aug 23, 2017


The Northern Block Ltd
Font Developer - up to £36k a year depending on experience.
The Northern Block is looking for a font developer to work remotely and liaise with our team in our Newcastle office. The developer should have a minimum of 2 years experience in type design, computer programming and hinting. Candidates should be open to learning a wider level of skills in the font industry, whilst looking to excel in their specialist field of font development. The successful applicant will work on an exciting range of projects that will help to improve our font library and further establish our client base. The font developer should demonstrate a track record of producing high-quality work across a variety of typeface design projects either working individually or in collaboration with our team.
Job Description
The role includes the expansion of both existing and future fonts for our library as well as working on a variety of custom typeface design projects from a growing client base. Working remotely unassisted and collaboratively within our team you will make a key contribution to the future success of our products and services.
Preferably the candidate has experience in font development, design, python scripting, and the hinting process. Knowledge of at least one non-Latin script and web font format would be an advantage. You will be capable of working with people who possess a wide range of expertise in design to deliver final fonts to our library, font distributors, and clients. In addition to this, you will need a strong portfolio showcasing your typeface development work.
You must have:
Typeface Design / Font Development experience
Ability to critique the work of others and be open for feedback
Bachelor or Masters degree in Graphic Design, Type Design or Computer Programming
A strong portfolio demonstrating your capabilities and past experience
A collaborative and flexible approach to your work, capable of working 
in a team environment.
Fluency in Glyphs app, written and spoken English.
Contract Summary
The primary role is the expansion of new and existing fonts to The Northern Block library and also the development of corporate projects for a growing client base. Working remotely unassisted and collaboratively as part of a team you will make a key contribution to help further establish and improve The Northern Block's font collection. In addition to this, you will expand your skills and knowledge in the following area's: design, font development, typography, non-Latin scripts and client liaison.
Please send an email to with a brief introductory letter why you would make a good font developer for The Northern Block. Also include your current CV, 3 best pieces of work in PDF format and your current salary expectations.
Jonathan Hill
Creative Director
The Northern Block


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