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Central Express CVS LLC

Posted: Sep 3, 2017


We are "CENTRAL EXPRESS" CVS business in Central Asia. The brand philosophy is SIMPLE, PERSONAL, FUTURISTIC. We are in need of easy to remember, eye-catching, meaningful Logo and its Brandbook. This is a one-time project. The whole project maximum budget is $5000. Below I have listed down the stationary we are in need of. Identity Standards:

1. Core Brand Elements and Standards:

a) Overview

b) Logo: Usage, Sizing, Color, Scaling, Do's and Don'ts, International Variants, Cropping

c) Brand Tone of Voice

d) Backgrounds

e) Photography: Private Label product photography and its art direction, People photography, Store photography

f) Typography

g) Icons

h) Flyer layout

2. Private Label Packaging Design Standards (using eco paper + transparency):

a) Bento food packaging

b) Sandwich packaging

c) Salad packaging

d) Wraps packaging

e) Fruit cup packaging

3. Point of Sale Design Standards:

Outdoor, Indoor:

a) Outdoor lightning sign design

b) Indoor sign

c) In store walls + collaborate with Interior Design consultant

d) Sitting area wall colors and design

e) Information sign designs

f) Category, label signs

4. Signane Design Standards

5. In-store Equipment Design Standards:

a) Equipment top banners: Fridge, coffee station etc.

b) Bathroom utilities

6. Corporate Design Standards:

a) Business card

b) Presentation layout

c) Annual report layout

d) E-mail signature

e) Social Media design guidelines: FB, Instagram

8. Staff:

a) Staff clothing

b) Staff nametag

7. One page introduction website:

a) User friendly introduction website design UI: PC, Mobile, Tablet version

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