Graphic Designer, Imaging Specialist

Jakarta, Indonesia / Viu

Posted: Sep 7, 2017


Viu is a new, super hot video streaming startup in SE Asia based from San Francisco. With over 10,000 million users and reaching 500 min of video views per month, we are becoming a big competition for Netflix and many other local players. Our locally flavored content, best Asian TV shows, lots of K-Drama is what sets us apart and makes our users love Viu. 

Now that we've grown so fast so quickly, we are dead serious about revamping our experience and design and are looking for really talented and passionate people to work full time from anywhere in the world. 


- Watching lots of K-Drama and other great Asian TV shows

- Choosing best imagery representing the episode

- Working on movie and TV show posters

- Cropping, retouching, editing posters


- Photoshop

- Retouching

- Visual Communication/Poster Design

- Typography

- Love for TV

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