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Posted: Oct 11, 2017


Heritage of Pride, Inc. (HOP, NYC Pride, or the organization) is seeking to obtain services from a qualified web developer to facilitate the design of the organization's website for Stonewall 50 | WorldPride 2019 (www.stonewall50.org). 


The organization is seeking the development of its Stonewall 50 | WorldPride 2019 website.  This project is necessary to have the organization's web presence better reflect the value of its Stonewall 50 | WorldPride 2019 events.


The organization's objective in issuing the Request for Proposal (RFP) is to provide a means by which to select a single qualified developer. The organization will base its selection on several criteria: 1) developer's ability to meet organization's requirements, 2) financial impact to the organization, 3) experience and qualifications, and 4) overall style and design approach.


HOP must own, have full access to and have the right to customize the site and retain full ownership of the new website code.


The organization must receive responses to the RFP no later than 4:30pm on November 13, 2017. Proposals should be delivered to:

Eboni Munn, Communications Manager 

Chris Frederick, Managing Director

Heritage of Pride, Inc.

154 Christopher St.

Suite 1D

New York, NY 10014



Executive Summary

HOP is looking for authoritative recommendations on the items listed in the Tools and Functionality sections. Please provide a narrative insight into the proposed project. To the extent possible, responders should address the development effort and cost estimate for these items.

Please explain your organization's web development process. Please include a proposed timeline including key deliverables and milestones.

Address UX and QA.

Address any important technology information and specifications used in your solution (languages, platform, content management tools, etc.).

Address the ability for HOP to update the site on a daily basis easily with new information without a third-party needing to assist.

Address the ability to integrate NYC Pride's social media presence across the web to allow for constant interaction of the brand.

Management Volume

Organizational structure: communications process; including lines of reporting and any special tools used.

Schedule of deliverables; include major milestones and testing proposal.

3.    Budget Volume

Break down cost by production hours, tools and functionalities.

Maintenance and support: Identify any costs that should be assumed as part of the site and ongoing costs for maintenance and support that HOP will need to pay in the future.

License fees: ID the costs we will need to pay to develop or host the site.

Hosting: ID whether we must or are highly encouraged to host with your company. If hosting is provided as an option or requirement, provide pricing options.

Training and Style Guide: ID costs to train our staff to use site tools and provide a style guide.

Other charge areas: Please identify whether there will be other expenses, consulting fees, future work, etc. to complete this project.

Attachments ? Please provide the following information:

Qualifications and Experience.  Please provide relevant examples of work completed by your organization.

Biographies of all who will work this project.

Professional references.


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