Revision of Logo/branding, development of Website(s) and more.

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Posted: Oct 12, 2017


Viewpoint is a consultancy firm in Namibia, Africa. The Logo and branding for Viewpoint was developed about 4 years ago, however, this needs to be updated and completed.

For this purpose, Viewpoint requires the following services:

1. Revision of the Logo/branding of Viewpoint:

- Business cards;

- Letterheads;

- Memos;

- Envelops;

- Email signatures;

- Brochure;

- Invoices;

- Thank you slips;

- Etc.


2. Development of standardised documentation/templates:

- Resumes;

- Proposal documents (technical and financial proposals); and

- Reports.

3. Development of website for Viewpoint;

4. Development of logo/branding/website for the founder(s) of Viewpoint. This should be linked to the branding of Viewpoint.

Note that with the exception of the websites, all of the above already exists, but simply needs to be revised and improved upon.

While we understand that there are different skill sets involved, ideally, we would prefer to have one designer/firm deal with the entire exercise. However, of you can only provide logo/branding OR website, please do apply.

To apply, please provide:

- Details of your portfolio (logo/branding/website(s)); and

- An estimate for the total cost for the services requested in 1, 2, 3 and 4 above.

Finally, although not required, please indicate whether you have skill in, or access to, copywriting and website integration with workflow management tools (or similar).

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