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Bogotá, Colombia / Creable

Posted: Oct 23, 2017




We are Creable, a boutique design firm specializing in branding and strategic design for Fortune 500 companies.

We do this work cross-culturally within the US and Latin American for a wide range of consumer goods categories and flagship brands.


Our Bogota office is seeking experienced Senior Designers to join our Creable family as full-time staff.

We are looking for team members that can bring design leadership and flexibility to jump on a wide variety of brand categories.  

They must have at least 6-10 yrs experience working with large consumer brands and understand the importance of consumer equities yet know when to push and when to build upon them.

Our team member must be strategic in thinking and highly conceptual in their work.

We are looking for relentless problem solvers and brand storytellers by nature.  

Collaborative, self-starters and hungry and passionate for excellence in design.

We are looking for a design ninjas.


Please submit your resume and representative samples in - branding and packaging.

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