UI/UX Designer (One-time Freelance Project)

Blueprint Income

Posted: Oct 25, 2017


We are looking for a talented designer to create a "Convert your 401(k)" web tool that would allow users to see how much Personal Pension (our product) they could buy with their existing 401(k) savings. I copied a more detailed description of the job - is this is something that interests you, we would love to talk more!

Users who come to blueprintincome.com that want to try out our product in a more lightweight environment than going through our diagnostic tool. Converting a user's 401(k) into a Personal Pension would be used as an illustration of the overall concept of having a monthly income during retirement rather than pulling money from a 401(k). 

We would like to offer users who land on blueprintincome.com and are interested in seeing how they could convert their 401(k) into a Personal Pension (our product) the ability to test our product in a lightweight setting of a one page app rather than having to go through our multi-step diagnostic tool. This one page tool should require minimal user work and encourage modification, with the goal of learning more about how a Personal Pension works and if it's right for them.


Header with call to action "Convert your 401(k) into a retirement paycheck" 
Short description of what is going on: "Your 401(k) is subject to the ups & downs of the market and can't guarantee you anything. With a Personal Pension, you can get income for life no matter what"
Ask user to input 401(k) savings + age + gender 
Output amount of Personal Pension (in $ per year) starting at age 70 that it would get them and visualize it somehow. 
Make the age interactive so you can see how the income you'd get would change if you started it earlier or later 
Call to action for users to take the next step in learning more about Personal Pension / using the full diagnostic tool to learn about their estimated monthly income

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