Senior Graphic Design

Santa Monica, California / Los York

Posted: Oct 27, 2017


We're looking for a senior graphic designer who has experience in print, film, motion, and experiential design. A strong understanding of typography is a must. Ideally the candidate has a strong personal style and has their finger on the latest in music, entertainment, sports and sneakers and has worked for/on  elevated sportswear and fashion brands, think: Nike, Supreme, Born X Raised, Jordan, and Adidas. The specific taste, nuances of sensibility and general style associated with experience working on these brands is essential to our needs.


We work on a wide range of projects for a wide variety of brands, from basic typographic layout to apparel to design to illustration to title design and compositing work, the designer will support all the design needs Los York encounters.


We're looking for thinkers, someone who can not only execute but conceptually understand how to solve a creative problem and bring a new perspective to the table. We generally don't follow traditional ideas or patterns and look to disrupt what's been done with bold new ideas and impactful creative risks. Technical proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite is a must, a photographic eye and an understanding of how to think in a 3d space are all qualities we look for in our designers.

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