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Posted: Nov 1, 2017


We're looking for intuitive designers that think strategically. It's not just about what a button looks like, but why it looks that way, where it goes, and how that fits into a larger picture. We're looking for designers that obsessively follow trends and cringe at outdated fonts. 

As a designer at Social Edge, you'll solve business problems with design. Most of your work will be for collaborative platforms. Design ?theming and customization ? ensures that each client's sites feel unique. You'll help skin communities and build landing pages that power collaboration. Working within a platform is full of constraints and "a-ha!" moments, and we hope you'll be excited for the challenges.

If you can build what you make, you're a top contender. But if you can't, you'll be paired with a developer to pixel around with. 

Signs you're right for the job:

You have trouble deciding which Sketch plug-in is your favorite
You roll your eyes at bad stock photography
You know that the difference between a good shadow and a bad shadow can be 1 pixel
You've walked through an airport and thought, "This isn't user-friendly. I could do better."
You know how to figure out the font of this job description
You roll your eyes at any call-to-action that begins with "Click here to..."
You can eyeball any brand and emulate it with ease

We seek to form relationships with designers of different backgrounds and interests, so that we can offer projects that pull on your strengths. What do you offer?

Part-time, freelance, project work, or as-needed (approximately 10 hours a week)
Work remotely - available for East Coast time zone
Availability to virtually meet with clients
Be available, generally speaking, during US business hours

If you are interested, please share your portfolio with us.

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