Staff Industrial Designer

Portage, Michigan / Stryker Corporation

Sep 29, 2016


Stryker's Staff Industrial Designers work with an interdisciplinary product development team to create and launch new products for the medical industry. At Stryker we expect industrial designers at all levels to be passionate about the design process and to demonstrate process leadership with their teams. The industrial designer becomes the product development team's visual communicator, using visualization tools and methods to improve the team's ability to collaborate and communicate.

The staff industrial designer informs the team of key trends in design related topics such as product design, color, materials and finishes. Candidates should show passion for design research and the ability to define a product's aesthetic theme.  

Most importantly, the designer's role is to define the user experience and product attributes that support the experience. In support of the user experience, the staff designer creates divergent product and service solutions to key market and business problems their team has identified as critical to the success of a project.  

Finally, the staff industrial designer is responsible for following the product through to production reviewing early manufacturing samples to assure quality and craftsmanship of the final product execution.  

Essential Duties & Responsibilities   

 - Assure product concepts proposals are inclusive of market winning attributes consistent with, or inspired by, global design and technology trends.

 - Responsible for defining Stryker product offerings, form development, human factors and ergonomics, material selection, finishes, color, brand language and graphical user interfaces. 

 - Lead the development of a product visual brand language in accordance to the business unit's product line and portfolio. 

 - Plan and use a wide range of design tools and methods to create concepts and communicate product direction.

 - Work to support a product development team with visual communication in all phases of the product development process. 



 - Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design

Qualifications & Experience

 - 2+ years of Industrial Design experience.

 - Exposure to and some level of competency using digital design tools that may include: Rhino, Bunkspeed, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe  Photoshop, Corel Draw, Engineering CAD software, etc.

 - Working knowledge of design process, design principles and engineering principles 

 - Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills