Web Designer / Graphic Designer (Full Time)

Cerritos, California / Caseology

Sep 30, 2016


At Caseology we design and sell some of the worlds best tech-cessories. We design them to look and feel great, and we want our web presence, both mobile and non-mobile, to look and feel as great. 

We want the feel and layout of our web presence to match the same great feel customers get with our products. We want the best experience, from inquiry to sell, that we can offer! 

The ideal candidate is one that wants to grow both professionally and personally. At Caseology we have five core values that shape how we work, live, and play. We believe so strongly in our values and culture that we only hire those who are able to fit into and live them out! The Culture is fun but requires hard workers. We also provide lunch, benefits, and fun!

The ideal team payer would be adaptable, believe in clear and helpful communication, be willing to work with others and solve problems together (collaborative), seek to build positive relationships with those in the office, and be hopeful that the best is yet to come!

Please be honest about how you fit into these cultural attributes before you apply. While we may just hire you if you fit into the culture, we also need you to have a few job related qualifications. 


A degree in the relevant field 

Proficient in: 

CSS3 (Bootstrap)
Javascript (Framework -- Angular 1)

Strong collaboration skills; ability to work on a multi-faceted team
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Mastery of common development frameworks and best-practices
Fluent in English
Thorough understanding of cross-browser compatibility
3+ years of experience developing high-traffic, scalable web applications

For extra points  
Comfortable with Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator
Liquid language (Shopify)
Experience with graphic and web design programs