Graphic Designer - Video Editor - Copywriter -

Social Media Strategist & Activist

DayBreak Design, Inc.

Oct 1, 2016


We need the following:


Lightning Strike Overview

The Sprint Earbud

The Reverb Bluetooth Speaker

The Magnetic Cable Bundle

The Car Charger/PowerTube

3D animations of All

Website Updates Including

Social Media Marketing Materials.

Twitter b. Facebook c. Linked In  d. Instagram

Emails created to proactively promote all products

Auto-answer letters for our site ?

Frequently Answered Question Pages

Indiegogo & Kickstarter Campaigns 2D artwork finished

Product Boxes for All Products (Based Upon Competitive Driven)

Manuals for All Products (Based upon Competitive Driven)

Marketing materials for all sales people

Personnel to Manage our Inbound Chat System on Sites


Amazon's Echo ? Lightning Strike's Reverb

Bragi's The Dash ? Lightning Strike's The Sprint


Batteries ? 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 and 50,000


CREATIVE MATERIALS ARE VIRTUALLY ALL COMPLETED - This makes it very easy for us to a) create marketing pieces, b) websites, c) coupons, d) videos, e) reseller programs and f) pretty much any marketing materials. We are looking for individuals who can assist us with these "Competitive Driven" products as well as those who can assist our efforts toward building our own brand for the technology we have created independently on our own.  

ARTWORK FORMAT  -  We will need Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop files and other elements of the artwork created in order to successfully launch all products simultaneously on the 25th of November ? Black Friday. 


We are identifying organization's to swap databases of contacts and work cooperatively toward driving sales. We will need marketing materials for each of these strategic partners.

HISTORY OF COMPANY -  -  - 10 years old - Our company is based in Austin, Texas; however, you would be working out of your home office. We will assign you a segment of the work that needs to be finished, and you would join us in company meetings to discuss your progress. Our company is quite small, we only have ten people working for us. The engineering team is the largest with six, one designer, one 3D illustrator, 1 html coder, 1 CSS coder, a Vice President of Operations and myself, the Chief Executive Officer.   Our steps toward hiring individuals is to first have the work done on a contract basis and then hiring full time staffers based on getting to know the team and working with them over the next 25 days.

Doug Monahan - CEO & Founder - Austin, Texas - - - skype = doug.monahan.50  -   512-565-2524