Crowd Funding Video Producer, Director and Content


Lightning Strike Technologies

Oct 3, 2016


Our company, Lighting Strike Technologies, Inc., Austin, Texas, USA is seeking indiviuals to assist our efforts to create sensation video to best explain our revolutionary new technology.  - While creating the iBackPack project - - we invented some of the thinnest yet most powerful USB batteries in the world.

Over the past year, we have been using these batteries and capabilities to keep our internal batteries fully charged. We created a smartphone case that can hold not one, but two and eventually four new ultra powerful batteries. The iPhone 7 has a 3,000 mAh battery while our smallest is 20,000. Our other batteries are not like anything in the world This is a fantastic opportunity for you, or your company to further expand your role as a leader in high-technology.

Our first efforts while creating this new technology was for the iBackPack. The iBackPack raised over three quarter million dollars on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. The success of same has fanned our confidence in both our crowd funding needs as well as what individuals who are in need of large amount of batteries need every day.

Our earbuds are also ground-breaking in every sense of word. They are very small and control your telephone and stereo sound system simultaneous. You can reduce the noise when speaking to someone over the telephone. We are basing the new technology for the earbuds on the ideas generated by  - and our bluetooth speakers were inspired by Amazon's Echo sofwware tool. All in all - if you are looking for a down-and-dirty way to jump into the technology market place.

Send us a cover letter alongwith links to your portfolio. We would love to see your work. If you have a rare combinatio of 3G and 2D experience - make sure you safe same. We are doing a number of email marketing campaigns, landing pages where we can further qualify the right indidivuals. We have a firm deadline of October 25th for all creative work to be finished and handed over the BlackFriday launch team for the product.

We expect to be hiring at least ten individuals to assist with this effort. You must be avaiilable via video and phone to discuss. Contact Doug Monahan at doug.monahan.50 via skype. His email is doug.monahan.50 - however he doesn't use it very often - instead preferring only to use skype.  The more you can share, the better the chance of joining our team quick We believe it is quite possible for us to accomplish all of these tasks by the 25th of October and launch on the 25h of November.

Key to our ability toward getting same done is to find a team of people who are a) motivated by success, b) are looking to join in the fray of new technology and c) like working with hot new disruptive technologies. We believe there is a very good technology here and if we can find people to join our team who re passionate then we can   well - you can read about us.   - Write us, tell us about yourself and why you think this would be an ideal project for you. Everybody on the team needs to be an active participant and ultimately enjoy themselves throughout the ride.