Senior UI/UX Designer

Tempe, Arizona / Synapse Studios

Oct 4, 2016


We're looking for a senior application UI/UX designer to join our growing custom software development team.

Ideal candidates have a strong design background and experience crafting interfaces for mobile and web applications, from scratch. We need talented people who want to work in a fun, laid back work environment, building great software experiences for a variety of clients.

You should be near expert-level in HTML and CSS/SCSS, though, and at least somewhat familiar with JavaScript and the DOM. We build everything in React.js, so some exposure to that is helpful, but not required.

Our projects are all app-based. We're not a marketing or ad agency, but a custom software consultancy. For mobile, we're working with React Native.

In a nutshell, you'll be designing complete, high-quality web and mobile applications for our clients on a daily basis: helping with storyboarding, product design, persona development, UI/UX consulting, interaction design, interface design, CSS development, communicating with our clients, communicating with your testers, and working to deliver awesome product every day.

In a senior capacity, we're looking to bring in some leadership for our team of junior designers. Experience leading a design team, working through design reviews, helping set standards, building brand guidelines, client interaction, etc. is really required for this particular role. We're looking for a senior who is still happy to create original interface designs themselves, but who can also help lead the rest of the team.

Everything we do is in-house, and we own the whole software development lifecycle, including product design, architecture, front-end dev, API dev and architecture, testing/QA, and devops and continued support. Our focus is to support our talent and get out of the way.

Ideally you're active on Dribbble or Behance, have a personal portfolio you're extremely proud of, a good sense of humor, and have a passion for interface and experience design that doesn't stop when you go home.