Visual Designer

San Mateo, California / Apttus

Oct 12, 2016


As a Visual Designer, you'll tackle gnarly problems head on, help establish our new design language and system, and  elegantly craft easy-to-use designs for people around the globe.

Our designers collaborate with researchers, product managers, and engineers throughout the product design and development process. You'll be a key part in evolving our design playbook?from  customer journeys, to wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

We're looking for a seasoned visual design lead who can help establish and grow our new design language and system?think Google Material Design, Salesforce Lightning, or Intuit Harmony. Your portfolio shouldn't leave any question that you're the designer we've been looking for.

Design at Apttus

We are a small design team with a giant mission?to bring design thinking and doing to every corner of Apttus. We are at the beginning of a monumental transformation. Are you the seasoned senior/lead designer who can help establish a design-lead product development practice at Apttus? You'll need a strong sense of craft combined with the ability to effectively sell the work.

We're tackling real challenges in the enterprise space and design is the key to our success.


You're a crafts-person. Your work is inspiring, elegant, and intentional. You have a point of view on design. You're an evangelist for good design practices, principles, and patterns.

You can design a design system. You can go beyond a simple style guide. As a key player in our design team, you'll work with our new design executives to establish the visual direction of our design system.

You're a partner. You act as a good partner to product management, engineering, sales and marketing. You realize that when the team wins, you win.

You're humble. You don't let all that experience go to your head. You start from a place of listening and understanding. You leave your ego on the sidelines. You're not into yourself. You understand that it's bigger than you.

Why here, why now?

Apttus is the leader in the quote-to-cash market?basically, the entire journey of creating customer quotes, contract lifecycle management, commerce, and renewals. Sure, others dabble in this space. But we're the only ones to have an entire end-to-end solution for the entire journey. That puts us in an interesting position. Unwilling to rest on our laurels, we're determined to continually raise the bar for enterprise app experiences.

Design is key?it's our strategic advantage. It's getting easier and easier to build software. We're looking for team members who aren't happy with the status quo. As a team, we'll work closely with our partners in product, engineering, and even sales and marketing. We'll learn from each other and our customers. We'll embark on this journey together. A journey to bring design thinking and doing to every corner of Apttus.

Our design challenges are big and fascinating. How do we create a cohesive partnership between design, product, and engineering? How do we get better and leading through listening? How do we prioritize the work when there's lots to do? How do we get better at critique?giving and receiving? How do we embed design thinking and doing throughout the entire company?

It's an epic opportunity. We'd love to hear from you and see your portfolio. To be considered for this role, your portfolio needs to include applications and work on a design system. This is not a web design role.

Who is Apttus?

Apttus, the category-defining Quote-to-Cash software company, drives the vital business process between the buyer's interest in a purchase and the realization of revenue. Utilizing a patented combination of SaaS-based applications, the Apttus Intelligent Cloud maximizes the entire revenue operation by driving behavior and providing prescriptive data to company decision-makers. Apttus offers enhanced Configure Price Quote (CPQ), E-Commerce, Contract Management, Renewals and Revenue Management solutions on the world's most trusted cloud platforms, including Salesforce and Microsoft Azure. Apttus is based in San Mateo, California, with additional offices located across the globe. For more information visit:


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