Motion Graphics Director & Editor - Crowd

Funding Campaigns

Austin, Texas / Lightning Strike Technologies

Oct 15, 2016


We are in need of a Director, Producer, Copywriter, Editor, .... someone who can help us put together some very exciting videos about the high technology products we have created. The products are revolutionary in as much they provide over 30x the battery power provided with the iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy.  - 

You should have experience with crowd funding, doing television style advertising with a flair, and professional motion graphics. We aren't looking for any cartoonish, powerpoint presentations that someone can turn into a video. We will need a storyboard with people using our product and you will work with our CEO toward same. We are in a tight timeline to get all of this done. We have many videos that are technical in nature but need something different. Please send a link to your vimeo page and where we can see your videos. If you have the time and are so inclined, we would love to see your idea of how you feel we could best present out products in a 2:30 max video.

We need a video about a) Lightning Strike -  -  - our earbuds product whose website is not yet finished and an update on some of the iBackPack videos we have.  - doug.monahan.50 = skype  SKYPE IS BEST