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Is Google Class a Smartphone Killer?
By Sam Thielman
Will Google Glass kill the smartphone? Reinvent gaming? Steal the second screen from tablets? Alter the marketing and shopping landscape entirely? Probably not completely, and not all at once (since the device won't be commercially available until next year). But experts predict that the new... Read More.
Ad Agency Goes Old-School, Models Homepage After Original 'thefacebook'
Ad Agency Goes Old-School, Models Homepage After Original 'thefacebook'AdAge.comSubscribe to Advertising Age today! Just updated! Ad Age Marketer Contact List available for purchase · Ad Age's exclusive agency executive contact list is now available for purchase and download!... Read More.
Outside TV, Red Bull To Debut TV Shows
By MediaPost Communications
Outside TV, Red Bull To Debut TV ShowsMediaPost CommunicationsOutside Television, a network affiliated with the eponymous magazine and available to small number of homes mostly via Comcast, is launching two new series with a branded entertainment arm of Red Bull. The two companies have worked... Read More.
Brand Programming Is The New Marketing And Advertising
By Forbes
Brand Programming Is The New Marketing And AdvertisingForbesThe Dutch beer brand has done some nice advertising and some smart sponsorships for decades. Very recently, they came up with a “program.” The marketing objective is simple: Think big sport, think Heineken. Yet the clever bit here is how... Read More.
It's Official: Toyota Won the Super Bowl Pre-Game
By Michael Learmonth/Advertising Age
By now you know the strategy: Nearly $4 million is a lot of dough for a 30-second Super Bowl ad, so marketers taking the plunge are under more pressure than ever to make it count. That now generally means releasing the ad, and teasers, on the web early and unleashing huge PR and social media... Read More.
Target’s New Ads Poke Fun At High Fashion Advertising
By John Yong/ Design Taxi
In a series of new ads by Target, the retail company pokes fun at high fashion advertising by featuring models who treat groceries and home products like fashion accessories. Read More.
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