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Volume 18.1 - 2014 One Show

Welcome to the newly redesigned ONE. A MAGAZINE. With an all-new design, new features and an oversized print format, we're launching the next chapter of The One Club's official magazine.

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Volume 16.2 - The Turnaround

This issue is devoted to The Turnaround, where we speak to agencies that have turned their business around in recent years. Bart Cleveland writes a piece discussing the turning point in every creative's career that determines whether he or she will go on to creative stardom or find themselves in the abyss.

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Volume 16.1 - 2012 One Show

Explore in-depth articles on this year's One Show, One Show Design, One Show Entertainment, and One Show Interactive winners.

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Volume 15.2 - 2012 Creative Hall of Fame

This special issue of One honors inductees to the 2012 Hall of Fame: Steve Jobs, Joe Pytka, Paula Green, and Robert Lawton, our first member of the inaugural Educator's Hall of Fame. Lee Clow looks back on creating unforgettable work with his best, and most demanding client, Steve Jobs. We trace Paula Green's trajectory from young copywriter at Seventeen magazine to true pioneer among women in advertising. In "Master Class with the Super Bowl King," Joe Pytka talks about how he approaches work now, after many celebrated years in the business.

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Volume 15.1 - 2011 One Show

Our fall issue looks back on the 2011 One Show Winners and current trends. We feature Faris Yakob who talks about what advertising agencies do and talk to several creative directors about today's political climate and consumer sentiment. We also talk to the 2011 One Show Judges about what they saw and what kind of a year it was in advertising.

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Volume 14.3 - Global

The theme of this issue is global advertising, but it's really about the return of the big-budget commercial.

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Volume 14.2 - Products

With the rise of apps and other tools, agencies are starting to get into the product development game. We talked to several creative directors about it and Rei Inamoto, chief creative officer at AKQA, writes about being "tradigital." We also cover design, print ads and revisit the classic Maxell "Blown Away" ad from the 1980s with the copywriter who helped create it.

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Volume 14.1 - 2010 One Show

The 2010 One Show issue has arrived. This year not only marked the 35th anniversary of The One Show, but also some of the most effective work to come along in quite some time. Everything from the wildly hilarious "Smell like a man" work from Old Spice to the inspirational Nike/Livestrong campaign are profiled in our current issue. We also have an in-depth look into some of the One Show Design winners, One Show Interactive, and the 2010 One Show College Competition.

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Volume 13.2 - New Media

New media is changing the way we think about advertising. It's not just about one-way messages anymore—these days it's about products, events, movements and interactions. In our winter issue, we explore cutting-edge media like augmented reality, digital out-of-home, and branded iPhone apps that offer brands new ways to interact with consumers. And our design section profiles One Trick Pony and Crispin's side project, Lemon.

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Volume 13.1 - 2009 One Show

Welcome to our big 2009 One Show issue. From saving honey bees to scoring the "Best Job in the World," this year's winners came from all parts of the globe and represented everything from cars to conservation. We profiled some of the top winners and looked at the interactive and design winners as well. And we covered our first-ever Creative Week in New York.

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One.Design Volume 1.5

This year's One Show Design judging took place in mid-May with a stellar roster of design luminaries. From Kit Hinrichs from Pentagram to Nathan Reddy of Grid in South Africa, some of the most influential names in the business selected this year's winners. Warren Berger spoke with several of our judges including Hinrichs, Alan Aboud and Rene Clement from Paprika.

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Volume 12.4 - Humor

What's so funny about the economy? While some advertisers aren't seeing the humor in anything these days, several others are not only going for laughs but are poking fun at the dismal economic state. We spoke with several creative directors like Jeff Goodby and Gerry Graf who believe that now is the time to be funny and take risks. We also take a look at humor in the UK, France and Thailand as they all display three distinct styles.

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One.Design Volume 1.4

This issue of contemplates the question: "Can we design our way out of trouble?" The concept is simple: maybe creativity is exactly what we need in the current state of our economy. Read about how Steve Mykolyn stepped into a freezer to test the warmth of a coat designed for the homeless. WINK lives up to its name, producing clever work rooted in rock-solid conceptual thinking. Also in this issue, take a look at Modern Dog's 20 years of poster art.

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Volume 12.3 - Optimism

Welcome to the spring issue of one.a magazine. Whether it is playful viral videos, music campaigns, or advertising efforts to help the homeless, a lot of the advertising industry is about getting people to simply feel good. Check out TBWAChiatDay’s new colorful Pepsi campaign, and read about how David&Goliath’s new business strategy is all about being brave. One.a magazine explores some of the 2008 viral video hits, and Jesse Dylan partners with to produce a video to get people pumped up for positive change.

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Volume 12.2 - Branded Entertainment

Welcome to the fall branded entertainment issue of one.a magazine. Advertising has moved further into integrated marketing tools inserted into storylines. Not a new technique; however, branded entertainment has reached new levels of sophistication. In this issue, you can take a look at some of the winning pieces from The One Club's newest launch: One Show Entertainment. Doug Scott, president of Ogilvy Entertainment, speaks about how Madison Avenue is adapting to the changing world of branded content. Ann Cooper gives you the scoop on some tasty political marketing, and television and music go for a total immersion marketing tactic with Gossip Girl, Nine Inch Nails and Showtime branding efforts.

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One.Design Volume 1.3

Editor Warren Berger refers to the words of designer Bruce Mau when discussing the theme of this edition of “Design what you do.” We take a look at a few companies who have redesigned their entire business plan. Pedigree opens its doors and to the dogs as a crucial part of their corporate culture. Ed Schlossberg and his firm ESI Design ask the question, “Can you design a solution to world hunger?” And Turner Duckworth reminds us that though graphic design is at a whole new level, great art is still the core of advertising.

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Volume 12.1 - 2008 One Show

The summer issue of one.a magazine is dedicated to the groundbreaking work that took home awards this year in the One Show, One Show Design and One Show Interactive. 2008 was the year for integrated marketing with the Best of Show Xbox “Believe,” HBO’s Voyeur, and Burger King’s “Whopper Freakout,” all combining various media components. Also read more about this year’s College Competition, Client of the Year and the new addition to The One Club Creative Hall of Fame.

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One.Design Volume 1.2

Welcome to the second edition of Inside, we take a look at Yves Behar’s push to make more things green on projects like "One Laptop Per Child." Hear from Design Within Reach's Jennifer Morla for an inside look at the strategy of one of the design world’s brightest stars. With one of the most talked-about recent book releases Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far, Stefan Sagmeister keys us in on the hiatus that inspired it and his unique take on life.

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Volume 11.4 - Innovative Advertising

Innovation is about more than just the ads themselves, and many agencies are experimenting with new technology, business models and ways to sell. One.a magazine profiles the recently launched boutique Johannes Leonardo, a prime explorer of innovative ways of selling a brand. Ann Cooper takes a look at the popular fusion of music and advertising. The way customers interact with brands has also changed, and Cole & Weber has embraced the tactic of letting a new generation of consumers rediscover old brands.

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Volume 11.3 - Interactive

The kickoff issue of 2008, this edition of one.a magazine is dedicated to taking a glimpse into the world of interactive advertising. From the forefront of the industry, Will McGinness and Jeff Benjamin give some insight into what makes an award-winning campaign. Ann Cooper delves into the popular trend of viral spots, and creatives from around the world talk about the digital scene in their region. This issue is also the first with our new design supplement, one. design, highlighting some of the most exciting work and people in branding today.

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Volume 11.2 - Legends

Our fall issue is packed full of legendary work from venerable agencies celebrating milestones. We profile eight of them—Wieden+Kennedy, TBWA\Chiat\Day, Fallon, Goodby Silverstein, The Martin Agency, McKinney, Carmichael Lynch and Cliff Freeman—and speak with their founders like Lee Clow and Dan Wieden. We also look at our 2007 Creative Hall of Fame and the work that made our inductees famous. Then we profile David Abbott and Phyllis Robinson and even get to chat with Elisabeth Moss from the acclaimed AMC series Mad Men.

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Volume 11.1 - 2007 One Show

2007 wasn’t an easy year to define in terms of the overall state of advertising. While overseas agencies did well, a wave of ads by TBWAChiatDay/New York for Combos and Skittles took home the most Golds. Comedy seemed to be the predominant theme with several funny commercials scoring the highest among our judges. For complete coverage, get your copy of the One Show issue today.

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Volume 10.4 - The Green Issue

With the recent wave of eco-friendly products and ads, it's tough navigating these uncharted waters. In our spring issue, we explore the pros and cons of "green advertising" and talk to creatives about the dos and don'ts. We also interview firms that specialize in green advertising and then take a look at environmental ads in India.

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Volume 10.3 - Off the Beaten Path

In our winter issue, we go "off the beaten path" and profile regional agencies beyond Madison Avenue that are doing exceptional work. Then we visit Richmond and talk to Joe Lawson at The Martin Agency about how he helped turn GEICO into a household name. Writer Ann Cooper examines Hispanic advertising and the bilingual trend. We also feature a gallery of our 2006 One Show China winners.

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Volume 10.2 - Ads Gone Wild

In the late '90s during the dot-com boom, "weirder is better" seemed to be the mantra for the advertising industry. Today with popular outlets like YouTube and MySpace and viral videos, "oddvertising" is making a comeback with outrageous ads by large clients. In this issue, we examine the phenomenon and ask creative directors about the effectiveness of weird ads. We also take a look at innovative outdoor advertising and interview GCD Barry Burdiak from DDB Chicago about working on the Budweiser account.

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Volume 10.1 - 2006 One Show

2006 was the year of "Epic TV". Spots from Guinness, Carlton, and Honda drew raves and showed that big executions, when done right, can inspire and captivate an audience like a good movie. And in print, Harvey Nichols and MINI solidified their legacies and continued to make One Show history. In our 2006 One Show Issue, we celebrate the winners and finalists, who were truly the 'cream of the crop' from a record-breaking 17,900 entries from 64 countries around the world. And we talk to our 'Best of Show' winner, AMV BBDO for Guinness, and Unilever, the 'Client of the Year', for their exemplary work across all mediums.

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Volume 9.4 - The Design Issue

More and more, clients and advertisers are realizing the importance that design plays in a brand. From Apple to MINI, many successful launches have been built around brilliant design. In this issue, we talk to some of the key players like Steve Sandstrom who designed Tazo, Joe Duffy and his recent work for the Thymes, Neil Powell and MFP, part of a new breed of hybrid advertising/design firms, and John C Jay and Wieden's iconic work.

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Volume 9.3 - Big vs. Small

The winter issue gets down to the bottom of the big debate: Which is better, the big agencies or the newer crop of smaller ones? We hear from both sides, from Sean Doyle of London's Campbell Doyle Dye to Ty Montague from JWT and Doug Cameron at Amalgamated and many others. Our issue also looks back on the career of W+K's Jim Riswold and his iconic work for Nike. Always full of insight and discussion, the latest issue of one is a must-have for any creative.

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Volume 9.2 - Beyond The 30-Second Spot

Our fall issue talks about the latest buzzwords, branded entertainment. With the decline of 'traditional' media, we're seeing more and more branded short films, advergames, mobile marketing technology, and other forms of communications. One. a magazine talks about this latest trend and focuses on the auto market, where 'The Hire' caused a sensation five years ago. We talk to branded content firms like Anomaly and Wexley School for Girls, and interview William Gelner from BBH about the Axe Effect. We even caught up with the artist Moby, who recently launched a new beverage line.

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Volume 9.1 - 2005 One Show

one. a magazine's 2005 One Show issue covers the very best ads and design work from the past year. We talk with the 2005 One Show judges about the work itself, current trends and the judging process. We also interview Alex Bogusky of white-hot Crispin, Porter + Bogusky about reinventing the Burger King brand and Anh Tuan Pham of For Office Use Only about the MoMA Tall Buildings Web site. Full of insight, interviews and articles from some of the biggest names in the industry, one. a magazine is the premiere publication for advertising's creative community.

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Volume 8.4 - Cutting-Edge International

Our international issue takes you around the globe to some of the hottest agencies outside of the U.S. We show work from and talk to Sean Doyle at Campbell Doyle Dye, Andy Fackrell at 180 Amsterdam and Oliver Voss from Jung von Matt and many others. We also interview Tugboat in Tokyo, one of the only independent creative shops in that country, and showcase their groundbreaking work for Burberry. The issue also takes a look at the proliferation of fake viral ads and the makers behind them. We even had a chance to interview TV personality Mo Rocca, who offers his hilarious commentary on the state of advertising.

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Volume 8.3 - The Future

We start off the new year with our Winter 2005 issue of one. a magazine that looks into the future of advertising. Mike Hughes, president of The Martin Agency, discusses trends in the industry and the search for the proverbial 'next big thing' in advertising. David Angelo from davidandgoliath argues that advertising is still about ideas, not execution. We also feature four agencies who answered our challenge to give us their vision of the future. We even talk about package design and the invasion of big-box retailers. Full of insight and predictions, the winter issue will be sure to raise as many questions as it answers.

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Volume 8.2 - Controversy

Our Fall 2004 issue is all about controversy. We talk with Eric Silver, who shares his thoughts about working on memorable and controversial campaigns for and FedEx. We feature advertising legends Sal DeVito and Ellis Verdi, who discuss their long and colorful history of ruffling feathers and creating a stir with their work for clients such as the ACLU and Daffys. And, we interview political ad guru Bill Hillsman, best known for helping Jesse Ventura win the gubernatorial election in Minnesota. He talks about the good and bad of political advertising and the ad war between George Bush and John Kerry.

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Volume 8.1 - 2004 One Show

Volume 8.1 is our big 2004 One Show Awards issue. Inside you'll find coverage on the Client of the Year, Best of Show and many of our Pencil winners in the One Show, One Show Design and One Show Interactive. With more in-depth coverage than ever before, more photos and images and more special features, volume 8.1 is a comprehensive look at one of the most prestigious awards shows in advertising.

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Volume 7.4 - Best of the Past Ten Years

Volume 7.4 is a very special issue for two reasons: we're celebrating ten years of one. a magazine and debuting a newly-designed look. In this anniversary issue, you'll find excerpts from the very best articles that have appeared in one over the last decade. From viewpoints to techniques to outsiders, we feature some of the legends in advertising and beyond, telling their stories from their own points of view.

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Volume 7.3 - The Design Issue

Volume 7.3 highlights the intersection between advertising and design. Does great advertising start with great design, or are they completely separate entities? What is 'integration' when it comes to design? We talk about (and show) some of best in design and talk to creatives and designers about the roles each play in advertising.

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Volume 7.2 - The Multicultural Issue

Volume 7.2 covers the changing face of multicultural advertising. Lead articles include interviews with Wieden + Kennedy's Jimmy Smith; Jose Molla, Founder of La Comunidad; and Anita Santiago, the creator of the Spanish-language version of the Got Milk campaign. A gallery section includes the best multicultural work being done today, including creative for the African American, Asian American, and Hispanic American markets.

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Volume 7.1 - The Best of Europe

Volume 7.1, a special double issue, features the results of the 2003 One Show, as well as the best advertising from Europe. In the One Show section, articles include the results of One Show Interactive and the behind-the-scenes-stories of the making of Pencil-winning work, from TV to design. The Best of Europe section includes stories on Oliver Voss of Germany's Jung Von Matt and Toni Segarra, CD of Spain's S,C,P,F.

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Volume 6.4 - Back to the Future

In an industry that always looks toward what's coming next, Volume 6.4, The Nostalgia Issue, takes a look back to historic campaigns and their creators from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. In this issue, some of the leaders of the creative revolution, including Roy Grace, Phyllis Robinson, Ed McCabe, and Bob Levenson, share the stories of their careers. Also in the issue: Gerry Graf gives a brief history of the candy category, from Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut to Break Me off a Piece of That Kit-Kat Bar, and Jaimie Barrett remembers the VW bug.

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