The One Club Inclusion and Diversity Programs

About One-ID

The One Club is dedicated to celebrating creative excellence in advertising and design. We work with the most outstanding agencies in the industry and have for many years heralded great work by awarding the best with the coveted One Club Pencil. We also support the industry by offering diversity, education, and leadership programs for existing and aspiring creatives to help them grow in their careers. The One Club is committed to increasing diversity in the creative departments, we partner with agencies who share the same goal and it is our privilege to utilize these connections and resources for our Inclusion and Diversity programs, One-ID.

One Club Creative Boot Camps

The One Club Creative Boot Camp is our award-winning diversity initiative that recruits creative students from multicultural backgrounds who may not be aware of advertising as a viable career option.

The purpose is to introduce them to the art of conceptualizing and building a campaign for a real client. The One Club Creative Boot Camp is a 4-day workshop that fills a much-needed gap in the industry by placing ourselves at the beginning of the pipeline to get students of diverse backgrounds into the industry. We provide a forum for students and recent graduates to discover and test their skills.

The CBC garners many amazing results – educators get to offer their students a free workshop with real career development experiences, the participants gain a broader knowledge of the creative process; members of the winning team are interviewed by the partnering agency and secure paid-internships and in some cases, full time jobs; agencies get to recruit and mentor future creative professionals and the client is given the opportunity to see campaigns from the next generation of creative talent. The Creative Boot Camps are a win for everyone!

If you are an agency interested in getting involved, or for more information please contact Traecy Smith.

Here Are All The Black People

The One Club's celebrated Here Are All The Black People is the most highly anticipated annual multicultural creative career fair in the advertising industry. It is a one-day event where aspiring multicultural students, recent graduates, and creative professionals who are interested in transitioning into the field, get to showcase their talent to top agencies in the industry.

HAATBP was created after a panel discussion between advertising greats, Jimmy Smith and Jeff Goodby, as they discussed the lack of diversity in the creative departments in advertising agencies. At which time, Jeff asked, "Where Are All The Black People?" Jimmy, Jeff and The One Club decided to answer the question and thus created, “Here Are All The Black People”. HAATBP provides real world solutions to the lack of diversity in the advertising and design industry’s creative departments.

During this one-day event, participants have unprecedented opportunities to network, learn, interact with and gain invaluable knowledge from top creative professionals, as well as attend portfolio-building workshops, portfolio reviews, and participate in our coveted live "elevator" pitch which awards the winners with interviews with all of the sponsoring agencies. Although, all participants have direct access to agency recruiters and more!

The event is free and is a great benefit to companies looking to hire diverse creative talent.