DGMS Podcast

Hosted by Dan Balser, Advertising Department Head at The Creative Circus in Atlanta, this is a biweekly conversation about advertising. But it's not just about the industry; it's about the people in it.

Episode 239: Tom O'Keefe, Founder and CEO of O'Keefe Reinhard & Paul Seasoned with just enough of a Chicago accent, Tom discusses (among other things) the importance of soul, partnerships and prolificacy.
Episode 238: Photographer Bobby Prokenpek Insight into a burgeoning photographer's process and his thoughts on how to best collaborate
Episode 236: Catherine Ray, Brand Designer at Uber Agency vs. in-house, school vs. real world, should vs. must and Europe vs. the U.S.
Episode 235: Jamie Barrett, Founder and ECD at BarrettSF The humble yet very significant ECD shares his thoughts on Sir Charles, starting and agency and ruthless perfectionism.
Episode 234: Jim Elliott, Global CCO at Arnold Worldwide At the peak of a stellar career, Jim demonstrates the traits of kindness and generosity that define many great creative leaders.
Episode 233: Ecole Weinstein, Group CD at Havas Worldwide With talent scout Heather Hayden, Ecole discusses fear, how to be a CD and the necessity of passion.
Episode 232: Gerry Graf of Barton F. Graf The five-time Ad Age Creativity 50 All-Star shares his thoughts on fighting for great work, "those twenty people," and the itch to create.
Episode 231: Jay Benjamin, CCO of Saatchi & Saatchi NY Thoughts on Tall Poppy Syndrome, greener grass, attitude and leadership from a thoughtful and focused leader
Episode 230: Tom Christmann, CCO of DiMassimo Goldstein (DIGO) FIT, MLS, humility, prolificacy, more, more, and more.
Episode 229: Hunter Simms. ACD at Razorfish On job titles, Iceland, Dubai, dragons, style and patience.
Episode 228: Todd Goodale Podcast Special Todd is a freelance creative director who has won over two dozen international awards. More important: He's a great friend and a true conversationalist.
Episode 227: Katy Hornaday, CD at Barkley Optimism, resilience, empathy, honesty. A few topics discussed that have helped make Katy the leader and creative she is.
Episode 226: Dave Canning, ECD at 180 Amsterdam Husband and wife Dave Canning and Kasia Haupt Canning visit The Creative Circus from The Netherlands. So much love, so many awards.
Episode 225: Jeff Goodby of Goodby Silverstein & Partners A casual chat with an industry great.
Episode 224: Clarence Bradley, CD at Creature in London, UK A chat in two parts: Half about Clarence's career, and half about the importance of cultural diversity in advertising.
Episode 223: Blair Dempster, ACD at Jack Morton Worldwide What is an "experience agency?" Blair is a Circus alumnus and designer who has experienced working at a few.





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