DGMS Podcast

Hosted by Dan Balser, Advertising Department Head at The Creative Circus in Atlanta, this is a biweekly conversation about advertising. But it's not just about the industry; it's about the people in it.

Episode 260: Martin Baker, Creative at Mother The smart, affable Circus alumnus and copywriter discusses Boston College, bacon-flavored foods and his return home to Mother.
Episode 259: Corinna Falusi, CCO and Partner at Mother New York The move from CCO at a huge network to CCO at a small shop (with an actual kitchen in the middle). Also, on being different and knowing yourself.
Episode 258: Scott Carlson, Founder and CCO, Van's General Store A conversation, with a longtime ad veteran, about vision, possibilities, and what happens when artists tell brand stories
Episode 257: David Littlejohn, Chief Creative Director at Humanaut The reasons David, co-founder of an AdAge Small Agency of the Year, started his own thing; enjoying the bad ideas; and David’s thoughts on ideation and thought itself
Episode 256: Photographer Erika Liden and AD Anders Granberg Visiting from Sweden, alumni Erika and Anders share thoughts on industriousness, the importance of professional networks, and the essence of collaboration.
Episode 255: Britt Nolan, CCO of Leo Burnett Visiting from Chicago, Britt shares insights from his year-old perch as Leo Burnett's creative leader.
Episode 254: Neisha Tweed Bell, Creative Strategist at Facebook Formerly a copywriter and CD, Neisha covers toxic environments, digital dependency, doing work that matters and the importance of craft.
Episode 253: Pete Imwalle, COO of RPA What does an ad agency's Chief Operating Officer do? He or she leads, enables, supports and cares.
Episode 252: Atlanta United FC Mega Special An inside look at the marketing of the MLS expansion club with Skate Noftsinger, Atlanta United's Director of Marketing and Fan Engagement.
Episode 251: Rob Baird and Jimmie Blount of PREACHER Visiting from Austin, Founder/CCO Rob and Senior AD Jimmie talk about first jobs, the value of optimism, the origin of their name, and inspiration.
Episode 250: Dan Balser, Podcast Host and Ad Department Head at The Creative Circus In this tenth anniversary special episode, Creative Circus student Maria Khodorkovsky turns the tables.
Episode 249: Robin Fitzgerald, CCO of BBDO Atlanta Robin and Dan discuss office environments, the power of good feedback and a CCO's real job.
Episode 248: Neel Williams, VP/CD at The Martin Agency The kind and talented writer shares his thoughts on self-analysis, awards, humor and insecurity.
Episode 247: The Return of GS&P's Jeff Goodby Jeff's second visit to the podcast is half an hour and 100% unedited. On stress, directing, five keys to creativity, and brands' roles in culture.
Episode 246: Stephen Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of RIFT RIFT is an agency for today: A smart, connected, new model for marketing, design and development.
Episode 245: Lance Parrish, CD at Grey Group An honest talk about some harsh realities, an internet video and various definitions of success





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