Alexander Chamas

Syracuse University


Enthusiastic, eager and resourceful for any given assignment. I have built upon my strong foundation at Syracuse University by not only exploring what I can offer, but what this world has to offer back. Now I’m setting my sights on beginning my career. The last four years have expanded my knowledge, sharpened my skills, and focused my aspirations towards a career that will be sure to leave a mark on the advertising industry. I am ready for the next step.


Greenwich, United States


Boys Scouts of America- Eagle Scout- (Earned) December 2002

Portfolio Selected to represent S.U in the Art Directors Club- May 2008
1 of 4 senior class students selected by our instructors to show their work at the national college
portfolio review in New York City.

Syracuse University Ad Design Competition- April 2008
Honorable Mention for senior class- Shameless Flavor Tv Spot.

Leo E. Burnett Award- May 2007
The 2 best juniors in the Ad Design program selected by the
Syracuse University Ad Design Faculty.

Syracuse University Ad Design Competition- April 2006
Best in Show for sophomore class.
Alexander Chamas Client: Flickr Title: N/A
Alexander Chamas Client: Pizza Hut Title: Double Deep Utensils
Alexander Chamas Client: General Electric Title: Celebrating AdWeek
Alexander Chamas Client: Emily Post Title: N/A
Alexander Chamas Client: Gold's Gym Title: Too Strong...
Alexander Chamas Client: Kryptonite Bike Locks Title: Virtually Unstealable
Alexander Chamas Client: Doritos Title: Shameless Flavor
Alexander Chamas Client: Lubin House 2008 Senior Advertising Portfolio Review Title: N/A

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