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Submitted By Tug Rice


Thom Sweeney, the bespoke London men's tailoring house, asked ten illustrators from across the world to illustrate their SS17 line. I was honored to be among a list of established artists including Ryan McMenamy, Seungwon Hong, and Paula Sanz Caballero. My submission showcases an interpretation of source material and exemplifies the bending of nostalgia and contemporary illustration that is representative of my work.


The objective of this project was not to depict a realistic rendering of a Thom Sweeney suit, but to evoke a sense of the company and its style as "an exhilerating new vision in the world of tailoring." I was encouraged to use my own aesthetic to interpret a photograph of a model (attached here).

Technical Challenge

As in every commercial project, one challenge is to balance your own style with that of the company. In this particular instance, I was interpreting a literal photograph. I was careful not to lose my own voice without tipping the scale and losing Thom Sweeney's. I came to think of the challenge as a form of translation. Some details from the photograph would inevitably get lost in translation but other things were gained. By allowing myself to embrace my own aesthetic, I was actually able to come closer to the client's brand than I would have by staying too literal to the source.


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