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Olof Nithenius is a well-regarded Swedish fashion editor with a successful online shop, Olof1982, which features accessories for men. He asked me to design two pocket squares for the shop. These illustrations represent my interest in classic men's tailoring with a whimsical aspect that I aspire to bring to every project.


Olof1982 believes in three fundamental qualities for his products: beautiful fabrics, expert craftsmanship, and collaboration with skilled artists. The objective is to provide discerning men with timeless merchandise that often has a sense of humor. My personal goal was to help the company continue achieving this goal by sharing my work and keeping in mind the typical Olof1982 customer.

Technical Challenge

This was a somewhat unusual project in that Olof left the entire creative process up to me. His only requests were that the pocket squares each have a border, contain no bright colors, and feature either animals or bespoke imagery. While working with an art director with very specific ideas can be challenging, this kind of freedom offered its own challenges. Because most of the artists who previously designed for Olof used animals (especially foxes), I chose to celebrate the founder's love of "classic looks and style." I strove for a somewhat minimalistic approach, which was a departure from the existing patterned and colorful pocket squares in the shop. I ultimately felt my designs worked harmoniously with those and was glad to have followed my instincts.






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