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Submitted By Eri Miyagi


The branding we created for Verite is millennial-focused and digitally considered. For example, visual elements such as one primary colour was chosen, a neon lime green that's best depicted as an RGB colour and to highlight specific areas and callouts, digitally. This was thoughtfully chosen while being an identifiable and ownable color, it allows Verite to stand out in specifically in video. In addition, the logo has been created while focusing on movement and its application - on moving images, in video. An outlined (beginning state) of the logo was created, with a filled (end state) counterpart to showcase the movement and changing nature of the logo; much like the celebration of the movement and climax of a story told from start to end.
A full branding system was devised in addition to creating the video experience and video treatment; this was essentially the storytelling method of the video content. We created lower-thirds and subtitles to design and direct the flow and informative nature of the video content ensuring that stands the test of being flexible for all varieties of content.


Verite is a journalism platform, a publication that both partners up with other names but also produces its own video content in-house. It is an emerging mobile publishing platform by an Emmy, Oscar and Pulitzer-Award winning team. The goal of the company is to transform, reinvent and apply new-age video journalism for mobile millennial audiences.
Specifically focusing on how branding, design and user experience can be incorporated into video journalism and mobile content, Verite content is typically short (3 min) bite-sized documentaries. Verite offers up mobile-first video content (via the vertical orientation focus of its videos) to its audience, in addition to a straightforward yet different storytelling technique through design. Verite sought a design system that is sophisticatedly thought out, considered and provides a critical point of view on who Verite is. It wanted an obvious differentiation to the way mobile content is treated from traditional new outlets. To really focus on expressing a unique, young and boutique voice and tone not seen currently in the industry. The design objective here was to create both an experience and aesthetic; via video experience (for example, framing, lower thirds, and storytelling) and branding (for example, logo, and overall visual aesthetic) for how the tone and voice of the Verite brand are expressed through all applications.

Technical Challenge

The great thing about a branding project for a company that does not yet exist is that there is freedom, to truly build a brand from the ground up, and having the opportunity to consider all the nuances as well as fundamental visual elements simultaneously.
However with that, there was the challenge of considering not just one aspect, but to consider all aspects equally and advice brand positioning, strategy and design elements in close relation to one another to ensure that they cohesively work together and tie back to the envisioned intention of the brand. In addition finding insights that drive design to differentiate Verite, and stay true to their value proposition, in the already crowded space of publishing.






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